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Odoo, Open ERP

Domains4gulf is a strong advocate of utilizing Odoo, formerly OpenERP, because the utilization of a cost-effective tool may benefit even the smallest corporation, Odoo is a perfect solution, it is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Manufacturing, CRM, Point of sale, Events, Blogs, Project management, Warehouse management, Financial management, Website builder, ecommerce and Human Resources just to name a few.

The network of 550+ certified partners, established in more than 100 countries, deploys the solution locally. More than 2 million users rely on Odoo to run their business. The software is one of the most frequently installed business suites worldwide.

Odoo has a unique modular approach to allow customers to start with one application and add other modules later.

Odoo is a revolution in the professional ERP market as it:

  • Removes the initial cost of the software - Odoo is free to download
  • Places the main emphasis on professional services and customization
  • Gives you a solution that is tailored to your specific needs giving you a 100% requirements fit
  • The product is flexible, can be customized and is easy to integrate with a range of technologies
  • Uses the latest business intelligence tools to drive it
  • User-friendly, logical and non-restrictive
  • Feature-rich - covering all functional areas of a business
  • Advanced, technically clean and extendable architecture
  • Has professional support and warranty like commercial software

With the release of Odoo V8, the company is moving into new territories, beyond ERP. This latest release includes a disruptive website builder, an integrated ecommerce, an iPad/Android based Point-of-Sale and a Business Intelligence engine and several awesome inbound marketing apps. No other product allows such a level of integration out-of-the-box. This was the thinking behind the renaming of OpenERP into Odoo for version 8. There is no comparison anymore with traditional ERP products.

Our mission at Domains4gulf to provide expert professional services to ensure your Odoo implementation is 100% successful and delivers exceptional value to your business. Based on your specifications, Domains4gulf can provide customized implementations of OpenERP, tailored to the client's specific needs as well as basic training of end-users. Our experience and expertise allows us to also provide advanced user training and consulting on functional extension of the application.

Furthermore, our hardware department can provide on/off-site support for your infrastructure, customized hosted solutions in our infrastructure, and flexible, cost-effective OpenERP on Demand online services ("Cloud" services).